2012 NEDA Sponsored Breed Series about to begin!

By Guest blogger, Kate O’Connor, NEDA Vice President of Activities

Once upon a time someone advised me to start showing my horse when she was young and weak.  Having had the opportunity to show my mare as a young horse in hand I can tell you that was great advice particularly as she grew to be Ms Large.  Early showing makes that horse under saddle a whole lot more comfortable because they have received the show experience at a young age.   When I was going to the breed shows, the NEDA sponsored breed series was just beginning and there were few shows.  Through continued support the series shows have grown in number and lead to a wonderful Championship. Therefore, the 2012 season looks to be very active with many venues hosting two day, two score weekends.  Additionally the Breed Championships, held at the Fall Festival, is moving to Thursday and Friday and is procuring stabling as well as day parking closer to the ring. Very Exciting!  The upcoming  shows are listed under Events.  See you at the shows!

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