Stallion Auction is live!

The start of the 2012 breeding season kicks off the prestigious NEDA Stallion Auction, the financial foundation for our NEDA Sporthorse program.  The NEDA Stallion auction provides access to top stallions at a good price.  The proceeds from the auction go towards breeder scholarships for continuing education,
and $11,500 worth of cash awards at the NEDA Fall Festival USDF Breed Show and Series  Championship in Saugerties, NY.

The NEDA Sporthorse program’s goal is to continue dressage breeding education and encourage young horseshowing.  Our country is now breeding top quality  dressage horses comparable or better than European bred horses.  We want to continue that trend so that we are providing the best horses for our riders
right here at home.  Through the NEDA Scholarship program, NEDA members who volunteer can apply for scholarship for continued education. This will help for better breeding decisions and better opportunities for our riders to find their next Grand Prix horse here at home without spending extra money and risk for
importing a horse from Europe.

Showing our young horses starts their development on an early road to success.  The horse learns basic handling aids on the ground which easily transfers to riding  aids in the saddle.  I have experienced the benefit myself of a horse that has been handled and shown at a young age, but we also hear the same from the riders and trainers.   The young horse learns about showing.
It then becomes familiar for them which leads to less stress in the future dressage shows.  That can make for a more relaxed supple horse.

When the breeders show their horses, they also get some valuable feedback early in their breeding programs from their fellow breeders and judges.  That can make for better choices for the next breeding, someone else’s breeding or confirm that the breeder is making the right choices.  Showing also helps
to promote our breeding and provide a showcase for buyers.   We have a fantastic USDF New England Breed show series lined up this year to help our breeders and owners get their horses out.  The NEDA Sporthorse Sweepstakes helps to reward the horses and shows at all of our participating shows.

In this challenging economy, this is even more important to help support our breeders and supply affordable horses for our riders.  Many shows are now rewarding American bred horses.  NEDA Fall provides cash $ rewards for Born in America, Devon Breed Show also provides cash rewards for Born in the USA too.

If your a breeder or thinking about breeding, we need  your support by bidding in the NEDA Stallion auction.   Not only will you get access to some of the top stallions in the country, but you will be helping fellow American breeders.

The stallion auction team has been working hard to recruit donations from the best stallions in the country.  A complete list of available stallions can be found on the NEDA Stallion Auction website. 

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